OTB Users meeting 2017 brainstorming report

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Refactoring of the ExtractROI application

Regarding the ExtractROI application, it has been decided to extend the way of setting the region to extract. In addition to setting start index and size, or a reference image :

  • Set coordinates in lat/lon
  • Set coordinates in physical coordinates
  • Use a reference vector file
  • Give a point of interest and a radius

Moreover, it has been stretched that the PixelValue application should also be extend to support lat/lon coordinates, as well as neighborhood capabilities. Last, the Convert application should be revamped to make its purpose (conversion to 8 bits images) more clear.

How to fix the DownloadSRTM application

Several issues should be adressed regarding this app :

  1. The application is currently not working anymore in download mode because the source website changed to https protocol, for which curl requires a certificate. A solution might exist to disable certificate checking (dangerous) or encode the certificate in the library.
  2. The application uses a very simple logic to determine which tiles are needed. As such, it is not able to distinguish between tiles that are missing and tiles that do not exist in SRTM. The use of a vector file indexing all tiles would solve this issue.
  3. Last, the app should allow the user to get information on SRTM coverage regarding a given image :
    1. Which tiles exist in SRTM and are not available in his local copy (for further download)
    2. What fraction of the image is actually covered by SRTM tiles

In sampling framework, how to compute features on the sampled points only ?

How could we chain applications in memory from command-line ?

Object-based image analysis in Orfeo ToolBox

Deep Learning in Orfeo ToolBox

What is missing for SAR imagery

Enhance use of time series as image stacks