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This page is about organizing an Orfeo ToolBox users meeting and hackfest in 2015.


A 3 day meeting with otb users, with the following schedule.

If possible, a short visit of the Fablab nearby La Serre will be organized.

Wed. june 3: Plenary session

09:30 - 10:00 : Welcome

10:00 - 12:00 presentations from the development team

Lightning talks about the following topics, followed by a short discussion.

  • Steering OTB: an introduction to the new OTB PSC (Julien Michel)
  • What's ahead: An overview of OTB roadmaps (Jordi Inglada)
  • The modular architecture of OTB 5.0 (Julien Malik)
  • Contributions via remote modules (Julien Michel)
  • Superbuild and the new third parties policy (Guillaume Pasero)
  • Insight on the applications framework (Manuel Grizonnet)
  • The current state of Monteverdi2 (Mickaël Savinaud)

12:00 - 14:00 : Lunch break

14:00 - 17:00 : presentations from volunteers from the audience

Short talks (15 minutes) focused on OTB usage and feedback, followed by discussion. See guidelines bellow.

  • OTB support in ZOO-Project, Gerald Fenoy
  • Monitoring tropical forest cover - Activities of ONFI in remote sensing, Anne-Cécile Capel
  • various uses : training set for MEDDE and CEREMA users, integration in a processing chain (OTB, ogr & gdal application), thematic (land cover for city planning, coastline monitoring, hasards flood), Dominique HEBRARD
  • Presentation from Arnaud Durand about the use of OTB at SERTIT
  • Presentation from someone from CS, about the use of OTB in ground segments
  • Presentation from Mathieu Fauvel about the use of OTB at ENSAT-INP Toulouse

17:00 - 19:00 : Happy hours and install / make it work party

Evening: social event

Possible restaurants:

  • De Danu
  • Le point d'Ogre
  • La braisière

Thu., june 4: Technical session

09:30 - 12:00 : Tutorials

  • Gradual tutorial covering applications, remote module, and possibly writing new filters (Manuel & Guillaume)
    • We will use the template for remote module  : [1]
    • Part one : Presentation of remote module architecture
    • Part two : Clone and compilation of template module
    • Part three : Write your own application
  • Application session (Manuel & Guillaume & Christophe)
    • Discover the new BandMathX application
    • Discover extended filenames

12:00 - 14:00 : Lunch break

14:00 - 17:00 : Group brainstorming

  • Roadmaps and features request (what do you want in future versions of OTB ?) (Jordi Inglada)
  • How to enhance OTB documentation ? (Manuel Grizonnet)
  • Bug sorting party (Mickaël Savinaud)
  • Refactoring: what and how (Julien Malik)
  • Roadmap of Monteverdi2 (Julien Michel)

17:00 - 19:00 : Happy hours (open questions and discussion with the development team)

Evening: free

Fri., june 5: Hackfest

At the beginning of the day, a 30 minutes meeting with all participants will be held to plan the hackfest. Note that this hackfest is primarily dedicated to users, with the following tasks planned:

  • Write the code you need with the help of a member of the development team
  • Documentation review: live enhancement of the documentation (applications, software guides): you spot, we fix
  • Live bugfixes: You think you found a bug? We investigate and fix it with you
  • Packaging improvement
  • If there is time left: guru code hacking


The event will take place on June 3-5 2015.

Link to the poll


The meeting will take place in Toulouse, in a place called La Serre [2].

La Serre in located "27 bis Allée Maurice Sarraut, Toulouse" [3].

Take the Metro Line A (Basso Cambo direction) and get off at “Patte d'Oie”.


Anybody interested in joining!

If you want to attend, please register your name in this list:

  • Julien Michel
  • Arnaud Durand
  • Julien Malik
  • Manuel
  • Jordi
  • Rashad
  • Gérald Fenoy
  • Andréa Bozza
  • Nicolas Bozon
  • Rémi Cresson
  • Anne-Cécile Capel
  • Dominique Hebrard
  • Gilles Fouvet
  • Guillaume Pasero
  • Mathieu Fauvel
  • Frédéric Moine
  • Jean-Guilhem Cailton
  • Philippe


Guidelines for participants

  • Registration for lunchs : [4]
  • Bring your laptop if possible, with a working installation of OTB (we will distribute a VM with everything as a last resort option),
  • Be prepared: questions, feedback, requests, problems you can not solve, pieces of code that do not work as you wish ...
  • Update the pad with your participation details (it helps us planning lunches and breaks)

Guidelines for all speakers

  • Lets make the talks short. Each topic should be presented in 15 min. at most.
  • The language for the event will most probably be French (if everybody speaks French in the room), however slides and materials should be in English if possible, to ease publication
  • We will try to do some video recording for further publishing online. If you do not wish to be recorded, please let us know

Guidelines for users presentations (first afternoon)

Here are a set of questions that can help you prepare your talk :

  • In what context are you using OTB, what part of OTB and what for ?
  • What other software do you use along with OTB ? Do they have to interact with each others ?
  • What is working and what is not ?
  • What performances do you get (time, quality) ?
  • What is missing ?
  • Did you achieve everything you planned to ?

Possible topics for hackfest (friday)

  • Extend TileFusion app with a mode using the gdal/vrt method (started in tutorial session)
  • Unanify application
  • Handling of no_data flag in input/output (write a no_data flag, read the no_data_flag)
  • Application to build a no_data mask
  • Optimization of Image Functions when processing vector images (OptimizingVectorImageProcessing).
  • Guillaume ideas
    • Multi-scale registration framework appli
    • Point clouds on OTB
  • Fred/Jean
    • UAV Image /Pléiades over Haiti, Ortho-rectification (sensor to ground) /Pan-sharpening / Classification


  • Pad for participants details : Mickaël
  • Cattering (coffee breaks, lunch, happy hours, social event) : Mickaël
  • Power sockets, network, video recording / broadcasting : Sébastien
  • Digital camera and camera stand : Julien Michel
  • Organize a visit of the nearby Fablab : Sébastien
  • Create materials for tutorials : Manuel and Guillaume
  • Detailed program and guidelines for speakers : Julien Michel
  • Dispatch Orfeo ToolBox dev team presentations : Julien Michel
  • Make a map for participants : Julien Malik
  • VM with everything installed : Jordi has a ready to use VM but it misses monteverdi2 and ice