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This is page is meant to be a short guide to the OTB-Qgis Plugin codebase and a checklist of what is needed to have a given OTB function/filter in Qgis. Advanced knowledge of Qt and C++ is assumed, also the use of common Remote Sensing and GIS terminologies is assumed.


  1. Choose the function you want to implement in Qgis. Consider input datasets (i.e. Raster or Vector, how many, etc) as well as output datasets (Raster, Vector or Some other non-spatial form requiring separate viewing i.e. Histograms, 3d plots etc.)
  2. Build a Qt GUI using designer capturing all the input/output and function parameters.
  3. Write a backing .cpp to the GUI to capture the inputs and parameters.
  4. Write a wrapper around the OTB function you are planning to call to take the parameters from the GUI .cpp and perform appropriate processing.
  5. Hook up the display of the GUI in the otb.cpp file which has all the currently existing OTB-Qgis functions.
  6. Debug as appropriate and jump on the mailing list to seek help from core developers.
  7. Push out nice new plugin to Mercurial.