Request for Changes-31: Modified behavior of reading/writing of TIFF RPC tags

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  • Author: Julien Michel
  • Additional Contributors: Manuel Grizonnet
  • Submitted on
  • Proposed target release: 5.4
  • Link to a public git branch or pull request corresponding to the changes.


This request for changes introduces a new extended filename option for writer : writerpctags. This option is deactivated by default, which means no rpc Tiff tags will be written unless the user specifically activate the option (change of behaviour wrt 5.2).


The current behaviour of reading/writing of RPC Tiff tags in OTB is not satistfactory, because if a RPC model is found, it will be systematically exported to RPC Tiff Tags. We can skip reading of those tags when reading again the produced images using the skiprpctags extended filename for reader, but if this image also has a geom file with the RPC model, then any new writing of the image will get the RPC Tiff Tags again. It is therefore almost impossible to get rid of those tags if one does not want them in the output image: they keep reapearing again and again.

Implementation details

Classes and files

In module IO/ExtendedFileName, class ExtendedFilenameToWriterOptions, new methods to add the new option for writer.

In IO/IOGDAL, new bool class parameter in class GDALImageIO to activate/deactivate writing of rpc TIFF tags. This flag is false by default.

In IO/ImageIO, in class ImageFileWriter, passing option from extended filename options to GDALImageIO.


Once merged the documentation of extended filename should be updated.