Request for Comments-41: Move to Discourse self hosted instance

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[Request for Comments - 41] Move to Discourse self hosted instance


  • Author: Mickaël Savinaud
  • Submitted on 16.10.2017
  • Open for comments


What changes will be made and why they would make a better Orfeo ToolBox?

We propose to move OTB mailing list to a Discourse instance hosted on OTB infrastructure. Discource is an open source tool which provide nice forum features and possibility to use mails to answer and receive information. Its features are described at [1]. For example you can signed with a existing account from otb gitlab or github. We can also promote users if they are regular contributors.

We sill keep all the features offer by google user list but in a non closed tools.

This tool is used by several other open source project like ITK and SNAP for example.

When will those changes be available (target release or date)?

As soon as possible, this change can be done during the OTB infrastructure update.

Who will be developing the proposed changes?

CS SI propose to implement this solution and manage the migration.




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