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  • Submitted by Sébastien Dinot (17/09/2015 15:55)
  • Votes Pending


What changes will be made and why they will make a better Orfeo ToolBox

Every day, the backup of the CDash database is growing up. The whole SQL dump weights 112 GB, the differential backup weights 130 MB and the backup takes more than 4h30. The availability of the whole services is affected by this operation. To another hand, we thinks that keep 8 years of history is not necessary. May be that only few months would be sufficient.

For example, Kitware has the following policy:

  • 6 months rolling history for ITK
  • 4 months rolling history for CMake
  • 4 months rolling history for VTK
  • 6 weeks rolling history for Paraview

Therefore, we propose to:

  1. Archive one time the current CDash history
  2. Remove results older than 6 months
  3. Use after a 6 months rolling history
When will those changes be available (target release or date)

As soon as the PSC give his agreement.