Requests for Comments-11: Build examples based on available modules in OTB installation

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Build examples based on available modules in OTB installation


  • Submitted by Rashad Kanavath(CS-SI) on 16/09/2015
  • Votes pending


But by default, OTB sets alls OTB_USE_* cmake variable to OFF expect for 6S and SiftFast during CMake configure step. This was discussed in this otb-developer thread. This currently enforces a limit on building OTB Examples standalone or otherwise. No user can users can therefore build examples with a default OTB configuration. This RFC propose a change in Examples' CMake scripts to accept an OTB installation with current default configuration.

What changes will be made and why they will make a better Orfeo ToolBox
  • CMakeLists.txt files in Examples will be changed to check if a dependent module is loaded.
  • If an example is not build due to a dependent module not being loaded, its related test are also not build and or tested.

Open issues

  • Does not warn the user if an example is not built.
When will those changes be available (target release or date)

OTB 5.0

manits report:

git branch: