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OTB GSoC 2014: implementation of dynamic functionalities for satellite image time series analysis

I have been studying SAR image processing and spatial data ever since my M.Sc. Thesis. In fact, I developed a dynamic speckle filtering procedure in order to maximize not only the number of points detected by image matching, but also their statistical goodness. Thanks to these projects I became proficient in IDL programming language. This algorithm has been embedded in SISAR software, a scientific software for radargrammetric Digital Surface Models generation developed at Geodesy and Geomatics Area, Sapienza University of Rome “La Sapienza”. SISAR software is implemented using C++. During my PhD PhD activities (mainly satellite image processing) I work every day with satellite data, using several commercial and scientific software. As both user and developer, I know very well the importance to have useful GUIs that enable an efficient data managing and processing. In particular, I would like to contribute to upgrade OTB ICE library with multi image managing functionalities. ‘OTB - Modern multi image visualization GUI for Satellite Image Time Series in Monteverdi2’ OSGeo project duly fulfills this goal, taking into account the strong impact of data availability derived from incoming ESA Sentinel missions.