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The Prose Version

The main external dependencies to Orfeo on Windows is GDAL. Download prebuilt binaries and headers as appropriate. The OTB Team provides compiled packages that are known to work with OTB at [1].

If you don't use the OTB Gdal packages, Orfeo Applications also need libtiff and libjpeg to build successfully. Download these as well. Some tests will be conducted by the CMake configuration to check if libtiff and libjpeg are included in the libgdal prebuilt library.

FLTK is required for windowing and some GUI demos depend on it - This is included in the OTB repository and not needed separately.

Choose to generate appropriate MSVC project from CMake e.g. Visual Studio 9 2008 for MSVC 2008 Express. Open the project entitled ALL_BUILD and compile it to build the OTB source.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Install TortoiseHG, MSVC Express, Osgeo4w, CMake
    • TortoiseHG - lets you check out the latest code
    • MSVC Express - Lets you compile the source
    • Osgeo4w - provides dependency libraries for OTB
    • CMake - lets you configure the compile system
  2. Configure the OTB code with CMAKE for building
  3. Open the solution produced with MSVC and compile/install.
  4. Repeat configure with cmake/compile with MSVC for Monteverdi
  5. Run otb/monteverdi from where ever they were installed.

Other issues

You can also have a look at other Windows issues.